Jaakko Kenttä

Jaakko Kenttä

Developer & Teacher

About 👨‍💻👨🏼‍🏫

Hello! I am Jaakko Kenttä, and I like problem-solving and building stuff.

I work as a math teacher in a small city in northern Finland.

Currently, I am focusing on iOS and web applications, but I'm interested in all coding related topics.

Strongest Skills 🎓

  • Mathematics
  • iOS, Swift
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • React

Tools that i use most 🛠

  • Xcode
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Terminal
  • Apple Notes
  • Sketch
  • Pen & Paper

Portfolio 😊


Lääkelaskut app icon

App for learning medical math. In Finnish only.

Seating Chart Planner

Seating Chart Planner App icon

IPad app made for teachers to create seatings charts for their classes.

Teachers Grader

Seating Chart Planner App icon

Teacher's tool for exam test scoring. For the iPhone and iPad.

Math Row

Seating Chart Planner App icon

Educational math game for the iPhone and iPad.

You can find more projects in my Github

Contact 👋🏼

Feel free to contact me.

✉️ jaakaken[ät]gmail.com